B&Q Smart Lockers

The brief

During the Covid pandemic, B&Q experienced triple-digit growth in digital sales. The Cardiff store required a Click + Collect service that could accommodate this increase, while also:

• Improving customer experience
• Maximising operational efficiency
• Utilising store space efficiently
• Integrating seamlessly with the store environment and aesthetic
• Improve data analytics and provide usable customer insights
• Providing a future-proof solution for a continued rise in BOPIS activity

The process

Clix worked in partnership with B&Q to understand its operational processes/ product range to meet their specific retail needs and avoid one-size-fits-all service. We developed a deep understanding of B&Q customer profiles and buyer behaviour/needs specific to the Cardiff store, as well as listening to B&Q colleagues to ensure the system suited their requirements.

The solution

Clix installed a bespoke, branded, modular smart locker system supported by our user-friendly, mobile-first technology. This allows autonomous collection via SMS weblink without the need to queue at a desk, download an app,
use shared keypads or scan a QR code, which in turn eliminates queues and improves customer experience.

With staff are no longer required to man a permanent Click + Collect desk, B&Q can re-deploy employees elsewhere in the store, focussing on loading orders and assisting with collection only when necessary for oversized items or age verification. Seamless integration with the store’s existing VoCoVo headset system facilitates this on-demand facility.

We designed the lockers to accommodate B&Q’s wide product range, with five different sizes to ensure space efficiency. The lockers were manufactured in MDF and steel, then branded in the retailer’s well-known colours to fit with the store aesthetic. The SMS received by customers pre-collection is also B&Q-branded to portray a seamless journey from ordering to collection.

The Click + Collect service also includes an automated request for customer feedback immediately after collection. B&Q receive real-time insights via a customised dashboard, showing customer behaviour and preferences. This
is used to inform future marketing and business decisions, as well as aiding inventory management and product offerings, reducing locker downtime and improving customer experience.

Customer quote

“Clix created a bespoke locker solution that is unique in its application to the diverse DIY product mix and space constraints, functional, reliable and aesthetically attractive, in keeping with the look and feel of our stores and aligned with our wider group ethical sourcing values. The real USP is the innovative agile PWA interface, that allows a more personalinteraction with our customer, is dynamic and easily updated.”