Top ten FAQs about Clix Smart Lockers from the Retail Technology Show

Web App: No Downloads, No Screens, No FussAs the retail industry continues to evolve at a rapid pace, staying up to date with the latest technological advancements is crucial for success. Whether you are a seasoned retailer or just starting out, understanding how technology can transform your business operations and enhance the customer experience is essential.

The 2023 Retail Technology Show back in May was the perfect place to do just that. Clix was privileged enough to spend two days exhibiting at the industry event, which brought together an impressive collection of experts, innovators and thought leaders who are shaping the future of retail. 

Our busy RTS standAttendees were able to explore cutting-edge technologies, discover new trends and gain insights into the strategies driving the success of some of the most prominent retail brands. For Clix, it was a brilliant opportunity to meet a wide variety of forward-thinking retailers and showcase our game-changing Click + Collect proposition. 

Over the course of the show, the Clix team had some incredibly insightful conversations that highlighted the versatility of
our smart locker solution. We’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions, so whether you missed out on the Retail Technology Show or simply want a concise recap of the key takeaways, this blog post is your ultimate guide.

1. Why are lockers replacing staffed Click + Collect desks?

The most important factors in the successful fulfilment of BOPIS are speed and convenience. Retailers can’t predict when customers will collect their purchase, so they have no choice but to permanently man Click + Collect desk if they are to avoid long queues at peak times and customer dissatisfaction. This often results in inefficient use of employee resource.

Clix LockersClix smart lockers facilitate a completely autonomous collection process without shared screens, pin pads or barcode
scanners. This enables multiple customers to collect their purchase at any one time, eliminating queues regardless of how busy it is. Retailers can redeploy staff elsewhere in the store, resulting in improved operational efficiency. 

COVID-19 accelerated the increase in BOPIS/Click + Collect as it allows consumers to shop with little or no contact. Reports predict that 56% of people will continue to use BOPIS in the long-term post-pandemic, so retailers must adapt store formats to accommodate this shift. Recent Clix trials have shown that 70% of consumers are collecting in-store on the same day as ordering, so this speed of service will allow retailers to offer something that the big ecommerce giants cannot.

2. Can I implement smart lockers in-store without having to integrate with our IT systems?

The simple answer is YES. We know that incorporating internal tech can be a major barrier to trial, so we have developed a system that does not rely on integration. Our innovative and unique technology means that our Click + Collect smart lockers can be fully trialled in-store with minimal involvement from internal IT teams. 

This allows retailers the opportunity to test the Clix proposition and collect valuable real-time data that will aid the business when it comes to rolling out the solution across the retail estate. In the case of managing returns through Clix Smart lockers, we would need to integrate with internal systems.

3. What’s the different between an integrated trial and a non-integrated trial? 

A non-integrated trial allows retailers to test Clix smart lockers without them being linked to internal systems. We can create a semi-automated process for store colleagues to allocate lockers quickly and simply without months of testing and discussion with internal stakeholders. In short, we can deliver over 90% of the benefits of smart lockers without linking to your system.

Integrated trial would take longer to get up and running in store, as we would need to be linked with your internal IT teams to link the two systems together. It is still entirely doable; however, it would take longer to trial proof of concept.

4. What is OCR?

It stands for Optimal Character Recognition. It is technology that recognises text within a digital image, and we use it to enable store colleagues to transfer information from one device to another. This means that online orders can be easily imported from internal systems into the Clix system. It reduces admin time and the risk of human error, making the locker allocation process as quick and accurate as possible in a non-integrated trial. 

5. What is a PWA?

It stands for Progressive Web App. It’s a website that looks and behaves like a mobile app but does not require the end user to visit an app store, make a purchase and download software locally. We believe that customers having to download a specific app to collect their purchase is a barrier to entry. The PWA eliminates the download process and allows the customer to access their order via a branded text link from the retailer.  

6. How can I increase customer satisfaction with Click + Collect, without decreasing staff levels?

Speed of service is a KPI for retailers but maintaining this by allocating unlimited staff resource at Click + Collect desks isn’t financially viable. On the flipside, desks that are unable to cope with demand during peak collection times provide a slow service and therefore cause customer dissatisfaction.  

By introducing Clix Smart lockers, retailers can offer a fully automated collection process that eliminates the need to queue at any time. Customers can collect their purchase within an average of six seconds and retailers are able to reallocate colleagues elsewhere within the store. It is not about replacing staff; it’s about allowing retailers to operate in a more efficient way. 

7. Which lockers best suit my retail environment?

Clix offers a wide range of lockers that can be adapted to suit your retail environment. We listen to your business needs and study your existing your Click + Collect data to create a bespoke solution that’s specific to your store. We’ll advise on the most suitable locker sizes, the materials used and the modular construction to best house your product mix to integrate seamlessly with your store format and brand requirements.

Our recent project with B&Q is a great example. By listening to their needs and analysing existing data, we were able to create a solution that meets 95% of their product range. This includes lockers in varying sizes to accommodate baskets, flat bed trolleys and A-frame trolleys, lockers tall enough for a tin of paint and deep enough to fit a roll of wallpaper, and three-meter-tall lockers to fit products such as pipework and wooden batons. 

8. What materials do you use to manufacture the lockers?

All materials are chosen with sustainability in mind, considering the needs of the retailer, usage patterns and the environment in which they are situated. We have ranges to suit indoor, outdoor and trade environments, and we can select colours and details to suit your branding and format principles. 

9. Can I update the lockers if consumers behaviours shift?

We’ve designed our lockers to be as adaptable as possible, ensuring that they offer a future-proof solution. Using a modular system, we can trial lockers based on your current Click + Collect data and then adjust the system based on new data gathered during the trial. We have built flexibility into the locker structure, so changes can be made post-rollout should your Click + Collect customer behaviours shift.

10. What network and power are required?

A bank of 96 lockers can run off a 230-amp plug, so all the system needs is a three-pin plug socket. All lockers also come with their own 5G network, so there is no need to tap into the stores network and wi-fi.

We know that the retail industry and the ever-evolving technology within it can be challenging to navigate, so we hope this post has provided insight into how Clix smart lockers can streamline your operations, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction. If you have any more questions or would like to book a demo with Clix smart lockers, please don’t hesitate to get in touch at 

The Clix Team