Clix Technology launches mobile first Clix Smart Locker following trial at B&Q Cardiff store

Published on Retail Technology Innovation Hub, 25th April 2023

Clix Technology, a UK-based startup combining mobile technology with customisable smart locker design for the retail sector, is launching a new product – the Clix Smart Locker – having trialled it in B&Q Cardiff since July 2022.

Clix lockers being used in big box retail

Data from the technology’s initial introduction of the smart lockers into B&Q’s Cardiff store shows a significant improvement in customer experience, with NPS scores for the store increasing by 9.1% over the first five months of the trial.

Due to the Clix web app, B&Q has seen customer feedback increase to over 50%, compared with a previous 3% of customers choosing to feedback through the existing B&Q NPS survey delivered to their emails.

Of the increased 50%, 93% of those responding about the smart lockers rated their overall experience on the app as ‘excellent’. This insight is gathered via a built-in customer feedback loop.

The Clix approach enables customers to access their locker directly from a link embedded in an SMS.

Clix’s Progressive Web App (PWA) negates the need for the shared touch screens which are often seen on more traditional smart locker manufactures.

Consumers receive a customer branded SMS, containing an embedded link, that directly opens their locker in just a couple of clicks. This allows access without the need for pin codes, barcodes or app downloads, direct from a customers mobile phone.

The PWA is also the first to fully integrate with the headset specialist VoCoVo.

The connection to the headsets worn by staff working elsewhere in the store means that – should a customer require assistance – the built in ‘help me’ button connects directly to in-store staff alerting them and directing them to the exact location of the customer.

Future features on the app will also allow add-on benefits to retailers, including customer loyalty and insight activities; unique to the mobile-first offering, as other traditional smart lockers offer retailers no way of interacting with their customers.

Sean Heenan, Director of Retail Operations, B&Q, comments: “We’re constantly looking at ways we can help customers deliver their home improvement in the most fast, efficient, and convenient way possible, meeting increasing consumer demand for speed, convenience, and mobile access..”

“Around 85% of our customers’ shopping journeys start online, a smooth and easy collections and returns in stores are an essential part of our e-commerce offer.”

Matt Cater, Co-Founder of Clix Technologies, says: “Aligned with our mobile first strategy, B&Q is an early adopter of smart technology, from scalable mobile apps and seamless payments to smart search, and more efficient web content management.”

“Our dynamic, contactless, integrated storage solution is not only smart, but fully customisable, able to adapt to the market’s and the brand’s future requirements. This is both in terms of its design, which is modular and can be designed to match a store’s branding or campaign – and its tech, which is configurable and aimed at the shopper of tomorrow.”

“For example, retailers have full control to quickly adapt to customer insights and market changes and integrate with additional software they may already be using, such as automated age verification messaging to producing QR codes to access smart gates.”

“Trialling our technology with such a forward-thinking company is an exciting step. By leveraging B&Q’s experience in the industry, we’ve been able to refine our proposition and iterate other offerings.”

“Taking the developed learnings, which have been invaluable in helping the business meet retail trends and emerging challenges head-on. We’re fully focussed on offering the best-in-class Click & Collect service to help retailers like B&Q compete with e-commerce giants, drive customer loyalty and convenience.”