The future of work is hybrid; transform your workplace to offer employees greater flexibility and convenience.

Clix innovative smart lockers combine stunning design with the latest technology to provide solutions for office storage, staff changing rooms, post and parcel collection as well as the safe transfer of IT equipment and confidential material.

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The workplace is changing…

Allocated desks may become a thing of the past, as staff have the opportunity to work in a hybrid, flexible way between the office and home. Staff working at different times and on different days will increase the need for more hot-desking.

As we move to a more fluid way of working, Clix web app based smart lockers offer the perfect solution for any workplace adopting agile working practices, increased automation and with ‘smart’ at its core.


Meeting Staff & Business Needs


Office Storage

Safe and secure storage for staff and visitor personal belongings.


Mailroom / Reception

Making post pick-up and package handling fast, efficient and secure.


Company Gym

Convenient and easy, employees can book a locker instantly.


Staff Changing Rooms

Providing staff who need changing facilities with safe and secure storage for personal belongings.



Safe and secure storage and handling of confidential records and files.


IT / Tool Hub

Storage and transfer of valuable IT equipment/office supplies/tools – Secure and convenient, track collections and returns for accountability.



Our dynamic smart lockers offer a contactless, totally connected and integrated smart storage solution for the agile office of the future.


How It Works

Access with your own device in 3 simple steps…

Tap the link
Hold the button
Push the door
Keep It Simple
  • No Keys / Cards
  • No Training Required
  • No PIN
  • No Downloads
  • No Shared Touch Screen
  • No Passwords

Admin Process

Staff member / visitor requires a locker.
Staff member / visitor scans QR code on locker bank or clicks on the Clix web app stored on their phone.
System automatically allocates and notifies the user with the next clean locker available.
Staff member / visitor places items into locker.
Staff member / visitor collects items from locker.
Locker shows as available / ready to clean.

Vault OS for Workplace

Vault OS is the operating system for Clix, offering a multitude of smart services to help you increase automation, add convenience, save staff time and reduce operational cost. All available within the Clix Web App and controlled by the Clix Dashboard. Features include:

  • Desk Booking icon Desk Booking
  • Digital Signage icon Digital Signage
  • Meeting Rooms icon Meeting Room Booking
  • Workplace icon Workplace Analytics
  • Car Park icon Car Park Booking
  • Access Control icon Access Control
  • Video icon Video Conferencing


Contact Super User or System Admin.

Yes – Any device that is connected to the internet and has access to a web-browser can access the system.

You need to be set up as a Super User or System Admin on the Clix Dashboard.

If WiFi isn’t available, units can be supplied with a 4G wireless router for an additional cost.

  1. In the event of a power failure lockers will remain locked until power is resumed, where lockers will return to full operation status without the need to reboot.
  2. Units can be supplied with an optional UPS (uninterruptible power supply) for an additional cost.

  1. Close the Clix web page and reopen from the link / text.
  2. Clear browser cache.
  3. Contact Super User, System Admin or Customer Service depending on the locker type.

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